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4 Tips for Choosing Nursery Window Treatments

Nursery Window Treatment
Bringing a baby home entails countless changes around the house, from restructuring your spare room to accommodate a cradle to baby-proofing your entertainment center. Decorating a nursery is a particularly daunting (though enjoyable!) task for new parents.
Along with choosing paint colors and purchasing the right bedding, you may have to make a few larger changes to make sure that your baby is calm and comfortable in their new room—such as choosing new window treatments.
The right window treatment for your baby's room isn't always immediately apparent and can be much harder to pick out than curtains and blinds for your own bedroom. To take some of the stress off your shoulders, we've assembled the most important considerations for new parents looking for the perfect window treatments for new babies.
1. Put Safety at the Top of Your List
It's tempting to prioritize aesthetics for your baby's cute new space, but resist the temptation. Safety should be your top priority for anything to do with your baby, and window treatments are no exception.
For instance, skip lovely floor-length drapes. Even though they block out the light for an easier naptime, they'll be more dangerous than helpful once your toddler is old enough to get tangled up in them (or even pull them down). Similarly, don't choose curtains with embroidery or beading; you'll be surprised at what can find its way into your toddler's mouth.
When installing blinds, make sure to keep the cord well out of reach, and never let it dangle near the floor. While you're at it, install cord holders near all the blinds in your house to keep your child as safe as possible.
2. Don't Keep Out Light Entirely
As an adult, you might love your new blackout blinds, but resist the urge to install similar curtains in your child's room. For one thing, you'll have a hard enough time teaching your newborn the difference between night and day without making the room entirely dark every time you put them down for a nap.
For another, you don't want to raise a child who can only sleep in pitch-black darkness unless you want to make overnights at grandma's house and family vacations miserable for everyone involved.
Of course, most children sleep better in slightly darker environments, but don't block out the light fully as you get your child on a sleep schedule.
3. Opt for Eco-Friendly Window Treatments
Environmentally friendly window treatments won't just save you money on heating and cooling costs. They also create a safer, more comfortable environment for your child. Getting too hot is a risk factor for SIDS, and as you already know from experience, sleeping is much harder when you're too warm or cold.
Talk to the professionals at your window treatment store about finding curtains and blinds that don't totally block out light but still help control the temperature in your baby's room.
4. Have Fun With Style
Safety, sleeping, and comfort are crucial — but you're allowed to enjoy decorating your nursery, which includes finding safe window treatments that still beautify baby's new room.
Does the rest of your home have a rustic theme? Choose faux-wood slatted blinds or shutters that continue your home's style while creating a cozy feel. Designing an ocean-, space-, or fairytale–themed room? Install deep blue, star-spattered, or pastel curtains over clean white blinds.
You can also use curtains as a point of focus for the room by complementing solid-color walls with quirky, eye-catching curtains with patterns that will draw baby's eye. Paisley or geometric patterns, in particular, stand out against cream- or pastel-colored walls.
Looking for excellent professionals who can help you find the right window treatments for your unique nursery? Phoenix Window Fashions is here for you. Get in touch anytime to start crafting your baby's dream room.