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4 Tips to Upgrade a Room With Drapes

Room with Drapes

Drapes add that little something extra to any room in your home. Without a window covering, you're going to miss out on the finished look of the room, not to mention the lack of privacy you're going to have.

You need to be able to choose the right type of drapes for the room and hang them. They can change the look of any room instantly, and you should take some careful consideration when choosing the right type. They also need to be hung properly to accentuate the window.

Read on for tips to properly hang your drapes and other tips to help you with your drapery decisions.

1. Hang Drapes High

When installing your drapery rod, be sure to hang it high. Drapes should not sit directly over the top of your window frame, but at least four inches higher. Try hanging your drapery rod evenly between the top of the frame and the ceiling. If you have high ceilings, then hang them a minimum of four inches higher than the window frame. 

By hanging your drapery rod higher than the window frame, you allow light to filter into the room and also highlight the window itself. The drapes can give the illusion of a taller ceiling and make the room itself feel much larger than it actually is.

An increased drapery height may require that your drapes be a longer length. Keep this in mind when you purchase your drapes so they don’t sit too high off of the floor.

2. Hang Drapes Wide

Use a drapery rod that is wider than the window itself and hang your drapes out to the sides of the window frame. Just as hanging them high can highlight the window, so can hanging them wide. It also will allow light to filter in and make the room appear larger.

The rod should be at least four inches wider than the window frame, but you can extend it out further than that. If you intend on going even wider than four inches, you may want to double up on your drapes so you are able to close your drapes without exposing too much of the drapery rod. You should also make sure that your drapes look full enough and lie properly when closed.

3. Hang Drapes in Long or Short Lengths

The length of the drapes is going to depend on the room you are decorating. Your drapes can be long or they can be short, but they should not be in between.

Your drapes should touch the floor, puddle on the floor, or hover just over the top of the floor for longer length drapes. They should not be several inches off of the floor, or they will give the appearance that you purchased the wrong drape length

If, however, you're looking to install short curtains or drapes, they should be hung so they hit the bottom of the window frame for smaller windows in rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, or bathrooms. Or you can hang a drapery valance with blinds in these rooms or cafe curtains can be hung, which only cover the bottom half of the window.

4. Hang Drapes With the Right Type of Rod

The right type of rod depends on the type of drapes you have. Lighter fabrics can handle a smaller rod, while heavier drapes are going to require a much sturdier rod.

Also, use the proper width of rod if you intend to extend it out past your window frames. The drapery rod could break or sag in the center if you pull a rod out to its furthest point and expect it to hold heavy drapes.

When choosing your drapery rod, you can choose something out of the ordinary or untraditional to suit your taste such as bending spoons and attaching them to a piece of barn wood to hang your kitchen drapes or using a fishing rod in a child's bedroom with a fishing theme. 

You can change the look of your room and make it appear larger and brighter with the right kind of drapes. Talk to a professional at Phoenix Window Fashions about other tips to hang your drapes properly.