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5 Ideas for Coastal Style Window Treatments

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The coastal style is a popular design option for any room in the house. This style encompasses different principles, from Cape Cod chic to casual beach house. But the underlying goal is to make a room feel like a coastal vacation.
Naturally, part of any décor style is the window treatment. Indeed, when it comes to coastal style, your choice in window treatments can go a long way toward augmenting the décor.
1. Matchstick or Bamboo Blinds
Matchstick and bamboo blinds offer a neutral backdrop as window treatments. Woven out of natural materials, the blinds are sandy-colored and allow diffused light inside. Those two elements alone make them ideal for a coastal-style room.
Matchstick blinds could work well for most versions of coastal style. However, they do present a casual profile. Therefore, standing alone, they may not fit well with some of the more formal coastal designs, such as Cape Cod or Mediterranean. If you want the diffused light from these natural blinds, you could match them with more tailored curtain panels to complement the formal styles.
2. Sheer Curtains With Coastal-Colored Panels
Another way to get the diffused light with a more formal look is with a layer of draperies. In this case, you start with sheer curtains, which will let in the diffused light. These curtains are typically white or a very light beige.
From there, your flanking curtain panels are based on your color scheme. Popular palettes for coastal décor include shades of blue and sandy beige, occasionally matched with bright tropical colors. The Cape Cod palette is typically white, red, navy, and beige. For your layered treatments, you can hang solid-colored panels, striped versions, or coastal designs prints.
3. Coastal-Prints and Hardware
In that vein, sometimes the beauty of your window treatments comes in the details. For example, perhaps you don't need the total light control that curtain panels represent. Instead of flanking the sheer curtains with opaque panels, you can top them with a coastal-printed valance. You could also omit the sheer curtain and drape a coastal-printed swag across the top of the window.
The hardware is another area where you can promote your coastal theme. For instance, you can find curtain rod finials and rings in beach-inspired shapes, such as starfishes or shells. You can also install tie-back hooks with similar shapes. For the tie-backs themselves, consider nautical-looking rope. You can also add more coastal shapes dangling from the tie-backs as embellishments.
4. Plantation Shutters
If the above ornamentation doesn't suit your vision, consider going in the complete opposite direction with plantation shutters. These are interior shutters that are affixed to the window frame. As the name suggests, they originated in the South where the sun is hot and direct — just like on the coast. They feature wide louvers that can be angled to control the sunlight.
The fact that they're ideal for hot climates is part of what makes plantation shutters attractive for a coastal-inspired room. The shutters work especially well with more formal coastal styles because they're tailored to your windows. While plantation shutters come in a variety of colors and finishes, plain white is a good option for the coastal style.
5. White Linen Curtain Panels
Along the same lines, something about white just speaks to the coastal ideal. Perhaps it's because you imagine wearing white linen suits or dresses to the beach. Well, you can promote that ambience in your room by choosing bleached linen curtain panels.
Linen is a stiffer fabric, so curtains made out of this material carry some weight. Linen curtains can carry a tailored look that works well with formal beach rooms. However, if you want a more casual effect, consider panels with big O-rings at the top. This style bunches rather than folds when you open the curtains, giving an overall informal impression.
Give your décor a coastal-inspired makeover, starting with your choice in window treatments. Phoenix Window Fashions can help you select beautiful window treatments for your home. Contact us today.