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Best Ways to Keep Your Drapes Beautiful All Year Round

Clean Drapes
Your drapes need to be maintained just like the other decorative items in your house. Maintaining drapes isn't too challenging, but it does require you to keep a schedule and stay consistent. By cleaning your drapes on a regular basis and watching your drapes to see when they need to be dusted, you can take care of your drapes and avoid problems. 
This guide lists some of the best ways to keep your drapes looking beautiful all year.
Use a Lint Roller
A lint roller is an excellent tool for removing pet hair, dust, and dander. Keep a lint roller on hand and use it every two weeks to pick up lint from the fabric. When using the lint roller, open the drapes fully and pull down gently on the drapes to straighten the fabric. Use the other hand to roll the lint roller down the fabric and pick up any pet hair, dust, and dander that might appear on your drapery fabric. 
Vacuum Regularly
Even if you use the lint roller twice a month, you're still likely to get some dust on the drapes. Vacuuming your drapes with a vacuum attachment is an excellent way to remove the dust and keep the drapes in good condition. Put the vacuum on its lowest setting for this task. If the vacuum gives too much suction, then use a smaller device with less power, like a hand-held vacuum.
Wash Twice Annually
Every six months, take down your drapes and put them in the washing machine if their care instructions allow. Follow all washing machine care instructions. Some drapes cannot be put in the wash at all, but must instead be dry cleaned. Drapes that are labeled "dry clean only" should only be cleaned through the dry cleaning process.
After washing your drapes, place them in the dryer with no heat and allow them to tumble in the machine for 5 to 10 minutes. When the drapes are done, hang them to dry outside or lay them flat in a cool dark place.  
Watch for Fading
Some drapes are likely to fade with time. Drapes that are a dark color and are hung in a west or south-facing window are more likely to fade than lighter drapes. You can protect your drapes from this problem by placing a blackout liner between the drapes and the window.
A blackout liner is designed to prevent rays from the sun from passing through the liner and reaching the room inside. A blackout liner may still leave some parts of the drapes exposed, but covering the majority of the drapes can still go a long way to prevent this problem. 
Some homeowners install a Low-E coating or a window tinting on their windows to prevent their drapes, flooring material, and furniture from fading. Alternatively, homeowners who do not want the deep darkness created by a blackout liner can instead install sheer liners to give their drapes some protection.  
Spot Treat Regularly
Spot-treating stains as they happen is an excellent way to keep your drapes looking like new. The method you should use to treat stains on your drapes depends on what material the drapes are made of.
Some types of drapes can be cleaned with vinegar. To treat a stain with vinegar, dampen the stain and then spray it with vinegar. Blot the stain gently to lift up all of the unwanted colors on the material. If necessary, rub the stain with a paste made from vinegar and baking soda. Keep spraying and blotting the stain until it is gone.
Contact Your Drapery Expert
If you have more questions about how to maintain your drapes at home, then contact a drapery and window fashions expert in your area. Washing, vacuuming and protecting your drapes is an excellent way to maintain your investment. 
At Phoenix Window Fashions, we're happy to answer any of your questions about how to care for and maintain your drapes. To find out more, contact us today